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Entertainment facilities are nowadays an essential part of tourism. As tourism progresses, the need for content to tourists time spent on it more fun and enjoyable way. Thus, the need for entertainment content prompted a variety of projects that focused on dating tourists such as plays, concerts, sports activities, various competitions, festivals and many others. Wide range of entertainment content we provide tourists filled holiday and a lot of happy memories.

A national park is a larger area of phenomenal natural qualities which contains one or more eco-systems completely preserved and/or moderately affected by humans. Only traditional agricultural and tourist-recreational activities are allowed.
Croatia has eight national parks; National Park Brijuni, National Park Kornati, National Park Krka, National Park Plitvice lakes, National Park Mljet, National Park Risnjak, National Park North Velebit and National Park Paklenica. The location of these National Parks clearly outlines the natural diversity of Croatia. Three of these parks are particularly mountainous- Risnjak, Paklenica and North Velebit, three are made up of islands- Kornati, Mljet and Brijuni, the leftover two are a clear example of rich, rocky hydrographs - Plitvice lakes and Krka.
The National Park Risnjak was declared a National Park in 1953. Its character is defined buy the fact that in a small area, within Gorski Kotar, several types of climate intertwine: harsh alpine climate, gentle Adriatic climate, continental characteristics of the Panonian Valley and the mountainous chill of the Dinarida. Risnjak has a meaningful role in health tourism and is especially attractive for excursions...


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