Domestic restaurants

Domestic restaurants in its rich cuisine with local dishes specific to the region where they are located. Here we find traditional dishes, prepared in the traditional way, mostly made from local products that are grown in that area. In this way a tourist or guest of the restaurant meets the gastronomic culture of an area, and specific ways of preparing food. Increasingly, local restaurants associated with eco-tourism and rural tourism where the guest meets and way of growing food that was served to him on a plate. Thus, in the coastal areas of vegetables prepared boiled, meat is roasted on a spit, a fish fry on the grill or cooked in a stew, in inland areas pork and lamb baked on a spit, meatballs and kebabs on the grill, cook the homemade soups poultry, vegetables are cooked as stew, venison is prepared stew and stew, and river fish prepared to fork or it will be like to 'fish stew' There are of course various types of homemade bread and cakes made according to traditional recipes adapted lifestyle and available ingredients.


Domestic restaurants Offer