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Festivals have a great impact on the development of cultural tourism in some countries or areas. Organizers of the festival are used for various historical and cultural themes to attract visitors and to create cultural image of their area, and in a relaxed and fun way tourists get acquainted with local customs. Festivals throughout history mainly organized for the holidays to attended religious events and had better visit, not rarely show historical events. In recent years, the Festival is subject to the presentation of tourism and culture, the festival chooses a popular tourist destination or a destination that should be promoted, not infrequently due to tourism make up the festival to entertain tourists. Today we have a film and theater festivals, festivals, documentary, short, feature, music and cartoon festivals folk customs and costumes, dance festivals, carnivals-festivals that include music, dance and street children's music festivals and many other events of the regional type. Festivals connecting numerous tourist services related to tourism of travel, accommodation, gastronomy to shopping. Music tourism festival type through concerts of classical, jazz, rock, and more recently of techno music is especially interesting to the younger population, and organizers because it has a large attendance of foreign and domestic tourists.


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