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Active tourism is a temporary travel and stay, which is the main motive for recreation, outside his residence. Because of the need to participate in physical activities, visits and desires for watching various sporting events or any active or passive involvement in sporting activities on a personal level or the organized tourist destination for tourists prepare a variety of sports and recreational offerings. Thus, the capacity of accommodations are sports fields, gyms, fitness gym and other sports and recreational facilities are increasingly under the control of professional trainers. For lovers of active tourism prepared various adventure specialties such as rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, paragliding, climbing the cliffs of mountains, diving the depths of the sea, the wild nature cycling, caving, air tourism and other ordinary and unusual sports. The nature of man's movement, and accelerated pace of life, stress and more sitting and not moving during the work, on vacation people make up sport.

The beautiful island of Korcula is a holiday haven with its numerous inlets, coves, and surrounding islets. Korcula has surface area of 270km2 and its landscape is covered in coniferous forests, dense evergreen underbrush, medicinal herbs and flowers. The islanders occupy themselves with fishing, shipbuilding and stone-masonry as well as cultivating vineyards, olive trees, orange trees, fig trees and almond trees.
Korcula has a long tradition in tourism. There are many cities and towns which stretch along the island's coastline - Korcula, Lumbarda, and Vela Luka as well as in its interior Zrnovo, Pupnat, Cara, Smokvica, Blato.
Korcula is a city and harbour located on a small peninsula which is connected to the rest of the island by way of a small isthmus. The city has two swimming beaches and just west of the city are the inlets of Srecica, Banja, and Vrbovica which are also great places to have some fun in the sun. The city of Korcula offers a large variety of private accommodations which include apartments, rooms, Bed & Breakfasts and luxurious villas. This beautiful historical...


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