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Crikvenica is the largest and most well-known tourist destination and health resort in the Kvarner region. It is 35km south of the city of Rijeka.
Its Mediterranean climate, beaches and natural beauty have enabled Crikvenica to transform from a small fishing town into a great holiday destination.
Crikvenica's Riviera is quite long and it connects the towns of Selce, Crikvenica, Dramalj and Jadranovo.
With its 100 year tradition in tourism, Crikvenica has approximately ten hotels, thirty vacation centres, a number of villas and cottages, private homes with apartments and rooms, beautiful clean beaches, sports and recreation facilities, swimming pools and a beautiful walkway by the sea which stretches along the whole Riviera (from the town of Selce to Kacjak). Along with accommodations and activities, guests can also choose to dine in one of fifty restaurants which serve wonderful seafood and other traditional cuisine. Crikvenica also has a wide range of stores, banks, tourist agencies, medical clinics as well...


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