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Dubrovnik is a city which is proud of its beauty, way of life and rich history. It is located in the south of Croatia at the foot of Mt. Srd. With 2554 hours of sunlight a year, Dubrovnik's exposure to sun rays makes it one of the brightest cities in Europe.
Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro. “ – „Freedom cannot be bought even for all the gold in the world. “ – this was the motto of the Republic of Dubrovnik and it can be seen imprinted on the entrance to the fortress of Lovrijenac. „Libertas“- „Freedom“ is a concept which is spread throughout the city. For instance, you can find „libertas“ in the palaces where estate-owners celebrated being in a republic, on the fortress walls which protected the city from its enemies and in the harbour which hosted ships which sailed in from all over the world. Freedom was guaranteed as a result of the combination of...


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