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Gastronomy and tourism have much in common, so that the development of one without the other almost unthinkable. Going back a few years in the past, tourism has amounted to a tour of historical and cultural sites, and a tour of natural beauty such as national parks, nature parks, and general landscape which knows itself to be beautiful. If the away team's luck, but it is on his journey accompanied a nice time, he was able to experience the full splendor of natural beauty, but otherwise, we can say with certainty that he fully enjoyed the study of cultural and natural beauty. As the standard of living has increased, increased the need to offer a variety of content in tourism. One of the most comfortable way of getting to know people with the culture and way of life of people in a particular area is through food. Thus, in addition to good weather and natural beauty found in the tourist industry and gastronomy. Through a variety of culinary delights can be guest or tourist familiar with the delicacies that are native to the place that we present. Through old authentic dishes can see how life in the area once looked like, what kind of foods are used and what methods of food preparation are known, the diversity of plant and animal species in the area, both in the countryside and in the towns, inland and coastal, every meal can tell the historical and cultural story.

Central Dalmatia stretches from the river Krke in the northwest down to Makarska.
Central Dalmatia's main characteristics are its rocky landscape and its lack of running water: with the acceptation of the river Cetina which runs through a canyon to Omis and out into the sea. The climate here is typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summers and cool and rainy winters.
In Central Dalmatia, tourism is quite developed and offers a variety of activities, recreation, entertainment and accommodation. Guests can choose from accommodations such as apartments, rooms, hotels or campsites.
Like other regions in Croatia, Central Dalmatia is known for its gastronomic specialties such as seafood dishes and meat dishes which are prepared with a Dalmatian twist. These delicacies are offered in all of the many restaurants and taverns throughout Dalmatia.
From the town of Primosten and towards the southwest, Dalmatia's landscape varies. There are larger islands which are quite far apart from each other and are rich in vegetation. With the islands being so far apart, the maestral wind blows quite strongly through the canals in between...


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