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The island of Vir spans over an area of 22,3km2 and is located in the north-western part of Zadar's large group of islands. The Privlaka canal which is 3m deep and 300m wide separates the island from the mainland and the island is connected to the mainland by way of a bridge. Vir's landscape is mostly rocky except for a small area at the north-western end of the island. The island's population mostly raise sheep as well as gather sand.
Vir is known for its weekend tourism and is the perfect place for a family to take a peaceful holiday. Restaurants and taverns are situated in the heart of the town of Vir and offer delicious homemade cuisine and exquisite Dalmatian wines. Accommodations on this beautiful island include apartments and rooms as well as campsites. The largest town on the island is located above the Sapavac inlet.
Located in the town are remains from the Illyrian era (the peak...


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