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Makarska, ancient Makar, is a lovely destination located just south of the beautiful Natural Park Biokovo and enchanting mountains. It is a popular holiday spot for mountain climbers, hikers and all searching for adventure. In 1981 Biokovo was proclaimed a Natural Park and consists of three types of landscape. At its base Biokovo is covered with lush fields above which are bare rocky surfaces which higher transform into plateaus full of sink-holes amongst which are some of the deepest in Croatia. This Park is home to a whole world of unique healing and aroma-therapeutic plants and draws thousands of hikers and mountain climbers yearly. Hikers, Para gliders and cliff jumpers have all found their private heaven in the off-season.
Makarska is the main port and tourist centre of the Makarska Riviera. Makarska lies in a spacious cove which is closed off by Cape Osejava on the East, and by the Peninsula of Saint Peter from the southwest side. Most...


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