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Maslenica is small quiet place, hamlet of the village of Jasenice and a cove at the entrance into the strait of Novsko Zdrilo, connecting the so-called Novigrad Sea with the Velebit Channel situated below a limestone slope and thus partly protected from frequent attacks of the very strong bora... Thanks to the excellent geographical position, all National Parks are within your grasp; Nature park Velebit, the canyon and the mouth of river Zrmanja, historical town Zadar, which is only 25 km away and also National Park Paklenica is in 10 min distance. You can spend your holiday in weekend houses, apartments and rooms. has nice beaches. Major attractions include home-made food (cheese, ham) and fresh fish and shellfish from the Novigrad Sea. West of Maslenica, a new, huge bridge (length 378 m, height 90 m above sea level) was constructed over the strait of Novsko Zdrilo (only 200 m wide). Maslenica lies on the main road (M2, E65). In one...


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