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Krka was declared a national park in 1985. The river Krka is a rocky phenomenon which, as it flows towards the sea, forms a number of lakes, waterfalls and rapids.
The National Park Krka spreads over a surface of 142 km2 and 25.6 km2 of the park is covered in water. The River Krka is the result of larger streams joining together near Knin making one large flowing river.
Krka is enriched with smaller and larger waterfalls. Twenty kilometres downstream from Knin is a 20m high waterfall called Bilusic, then Brljan 15m high, Manojlovac 52m, and Roski 25m. On the island Visovac is the Visovac Lake which is located in between two of the Park's most beautiful waterfalls - Roski and Skradinski buk - where a Franciscan monastery with its valuable library is situated. Skradinski buk are picturesque waterfalls on the River Krka and they cascade over 17 rocky barriers - the highest being 45m. Within the National...


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