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On the northeast coast of Losinj situated under the hill of Osorcica is situated the city of Nerezine. From Mali Losnij Nerezine are approximately distant 20 km. In the history Nerezine are mentioned in the XIV century for the first time.

The habitants deal with agriculture, fishing, viticulture, sailing and tourism. The tourist tradition is developing since 1887, and one of the most famous guests was the Austro-Hungarian monarch Rudolf Habsburg. The rich bandage treasury testifies of the long-term existence of Nerezine. The altar - cloth thumb and the picture of the Madonna with the child from the XV century in the local church, the Franciscan monastery with a church from the 1510, the renascence campanile from the 1600 and the church of Our Lady of healing from the 1877 are just a few of them.

Nerezine are known for its thick vegetation the clean sea and the examples of a picturesque architecture of the period from sailing time that...


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