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Novi Vinodolski is a small town located right off the main highway just south of Crikvenica. Its rich Mediterranean vegetation, clear-blue sea and beautiful beaches make it a well-known and wonderful tourist destination. Novi Vinodolski offer accommodation includes hotels, cottages, auto camps, apartments and rooms in private homes and villas can fit up to 10,000 guests per day.
Novi Vinodolski has been inhabited ever since the roman era and in medieval times it was considered a city by Prince Frankopan. In medieval times the „Vinodolski Law“ was written in the year 1288 in the Glagolitic script and was one of the most important documents in Croatian medieval law. The old town of Novi Vinodolski sits up on a hill and overlooks the beautiful sea. It has many cultural and historical monuments such as the castle of Frankopan from the 13th century, the tower, and the churches St. Filip and St. Jakov.
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