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Petrovac is an old village, raised on the crossing of the roads that goes to Budva, Bar, the lake of Skadarsko and Podgorica. Petrovac is distant from Budva 18 kilometres.

Nowadays Petrovac is a tourist calm location, attractive with its sand beaches. The beach of Petrovac is part of a protected area. The sandy beach is 600 meters long and is one of the most visited on the coast of Budva. A particular fascination is given to it from island Katic and Sveta Nedjelja, which are an attraction for the lovers of sub. Along the beach there are many bars and restaurants.

At 500 meters of distance from Petrovac is situated the beach of Lucice that is 220 meters long and has the aspect of a small bay. It is an ideal beach for children because the sea is not too deep, it is sandy and there are a lot of pines.

Petrovac was raised during the Romans and it...


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