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Pjescana Uvala is a small town right by the sea and 5km from the city of Pula. It is a newly built town oriented on tourism so basically every house and villa offers private accommodation with apartments and rooms as well as small hotels. The houses and restaurants were built along the cove so every house has a view of the beautiful sea. Pjescana Uvala's pebbled beach is perfect for families with children and less experienced swimmers. At the foot of the town, along the promenade, there is a mixture of houses, restaurants, cafes, and inns. The restaurants in Pjescana uvala serve wonderful cuisine such as fish and seafood, meat dishes, pastas, pizzas, and best of all, delicious desserts.
Guests can spend their day walking the promenade and sunbathing. Across from the promenade is the marina where guests can rent a yacht and enjoy a day of sailing. They can also take advantage of the many surrounding sports and...


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