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Porec is a Croatian tourist metropolis and the leading tourist centre in the northern Adriatic.
Along with its beautiful sunny beaches and promenades, Porec is a city filled with cultural and historical monuments such as the Basilica Eufrazija from the 6th century, the temple of Neptune and the Roman house. Guests of Porec can enjoy concerts of classical music which are held near the Christian Cathedral Eufrazija. The centre of the historical core is dominated by palaces from the Gothic era. Parts of the old town wall and tower are still well preserved.
Porec is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, long tradition in tourism as well as several well-equipped tourist resorts which include hotels, apartments, rooms, private accommodation in villas and campsites, tourist resorts. It also offers a wide range of activities which guests can take part in during their stay. Tennis, gym, sports, horseback riding, water-skiing, bungee jumping, yachting and scuba diving are just some of the...


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