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On the frontier of Primorska and Notranjska Kraska with the region of Gorenjska, on the slopes of the mount Črni Vrh (Black Peak) on 1291m of highness are situated the ski paths of the most modern slovenian ski resort-Cerkno.
The ski resort extends on a surface of 70 hectares and covers a range grom 900-1300 m of highness and a ski season last from December till April. In case of a lack of natural snow there is an system of artificial snowing that covers 100% longhness of all the ski paths.
There is a bus line from the homonymus city of Cerkno till the startnig wiry point that leads to the ski resort. The ski resort has a total of 18 km of ski paths, 5km of easy, 7 km of intermedaite and 6 km of difficult ski paths and 5 km of ski paths for Nordic skiing. Snowboarding is allowed on all the ski paths in the resort. The...


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