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On the north-east slopes of Pohorje, that seems touches Maribor-the second largest city in Slovenia, it’s situated Mariborsko Pohorje, ski resort on gentle slopes who’s highest peak has 1347m of highness.
Mariborsko Pohorje is known for it’s white, sparkling slopes and it’s numerous ski paths and walking paths with a magnificent view of Maribor and it’s surroundings.
In a range of 336-1347m of highness and on a surface of 220 hectare offers a total of 40km of ski paths which are covered with snow from middle Decembre till middle March. There are 21.5 km of easy ski paths, 16 km of intermediate ski paths and 3.5 km of ski paths for expert skiiers, and there are 36km of Nordic skiing paths and 6 km of sledginig ski-paths. Here is sittuated also the longest ski path in Europe for night skiing-7km, and leads from the top of the ski-tresort till the valley of Maribor. In an ideal winter condition and with...


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