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Tourist transfers imply traveling from one place to another, it is often the departure from home to the desired tourist destination. Travel agencies offer various deals related to transport tourists, but their offer expanded tourist offers that are often beyond the borders of their normal areas of transfer. Tourist transfers often last longer than a day, but the goal is to satisfy travelers in the field of entertainment, food and beverage, and general benefits while traveling.

Near the place of Saint Martin on Mura River, in a valley located on the north slopes of the hills of Međimurje, just 15 minutes of driving far of the town of Cakovec and about 1 hour from Zagreb are located the Saint Martin thermal spas.

In the 1911, during the oil diggings were discovered sources of healing thermal water. The habitants of that area recognised the proprieties of the healing water and in 1936 were built the first woody pool and one indoor pool with thermal water and several baths. The water temperature is equal whole these years in the range from 33-34ºC degrees. Because of its healing proprieties it's recommended using it for degenerative diseases of the spine or the articulations, rheumatic diseases, jam consequences, soft tissue injuries, fractures and so on.

The Saint Martin thermal spas are the most equipped thermal centre in Croatia and with its offer compete to the ones in Slovenia. This quality was recognised from the Croatian economic master chamber that gave them the first prize in the category of best Croatian thermal...


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