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Vela Luka is located on the west coast of the island of Korcula, in a picturesque bay deeply involved into a mainland. Vela Luka is the biggest place on the island ad it has approximately 5000 habitants.  Exactly Vela Luka has the reputation as one of the most protected harbours on the Adriatic. Its beauty is visible if you look on the developed coastline and bays and the nearby hills of gentle slopes on which groove pine trees, vineyards, olive trees and fig trees.

The history of Vela Luka dates from the stone time. From that period were found evidence in the cave of Velka Spila, above Vela Luka, that confirmed that the place was lived since then. It's presumed that also this area was the location of the Greek colony in the V century B.C. and inhabited during the time of the ancient Romans. In the medieval time Vela Luka was a place where the nobles and the dukes built their mansions...


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