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In a tight bay on the south-east coast of the island of Losinj, under the hill of Saint John is situated Veli Losinj. From the administrative centre, Mali Losinj, it is distant 3 km. Like Mali Losinj, Veli Losinj is also connected with the main land with ferry lines. Whit a number of 1000 people it's the third colonised place on the archipelago of Cres and Losinj.

For the first time Veli Losinj is mentioned under the name Velo Selo (big village) in 1398, of which centre is situated around the church of Saint Nicholas from the XVI. The initial shape of the place was unassembled. The houses followed the position of the farming fields positions not the street lines. To defend their harbour and the habitants from the pirates' attacks, the habitants built a defensive castle in the XV century. The castle was taken as a town symbol and today it's located on the armour of the town. The...


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