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Barban is a medieval village located in the south-eastern part of Istria in the valley of Rasa (Arsia).
In the middle ages, Barban was a fortified town under the control of the Pazin (Pasino) feudal lords. Back in year 1374 it became a Hapsburg possession, and then fell under Venetian rule in the 16th century. Parts of the fortifications can still be seen today.
Barban's economy is based on agriculture and stock breeding. As tourism has developed over the years, residents of Barban decided to combine these two professions and began taking part in agrotourism. In agrotourism, everything must be home-grown as well as home-bred. For example things like homemade bread, cheese, proscuto and wine are just a few of the many foods and beverages offered. Along with its great food, guests can also enjoy walks, hikes and horseback riding through Barban's beautiful natural surroundings as well as hunting in its many hunting grounds.
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