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In the south dalamatian archipelago, paralell to an esat part of the peninsula of Pelješac is situated the most southern and more eastern of the Croatian largest islands - Mljet.

The island of Mljet is 37 km long and has an avarage amplitude of 3km. The oldest sources in which is mentioned the island of Mljet, under the name of Melita (Melite), are bounded to a Greek history. Among many Greek writers namely, at the beginning of the IV.century B.C., is mentioned the name of Mljet. Even the Homer's story of the Itaka's king Ulysses is connected to the island of Mljet. The story tell's that after the shipwreck, Ulysses swam till the nearest island on which he found a shelter in a cave where later the nymph Clipso trapped him. It's considerated that the island in question was Mljet. After the Greeks, Mljet recives it's first permanent habitants the Iliryans, who came from the Peljesac peninsula and...


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