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In the central Croatia, on a way between Rijeka and Zagreb, located on a slope of the Dinaridian hills and the Panonian valley is situated Karlovac. A town on four rivers- Kupa, Mreznica, Korana and Dobra- that are passing through the town, and a significant traffic joint in road and railway, cultural, commercial and industrial centre of Pokuplje.

For the defence of the Turkish invader, on the 13 July 1579. stared the construction of the fort of Karlovac on a estate of the Zrinski family. This date is also celebrated as the day of the town. The town was finished in the end of the 16.th century and of special interest is it's hexagon shape devided in 24 rightly spatial blocks and a beautiful central square. The name to a town was given in honour of its founder the Austrian archduke Carl of Habsburg. In the next years were built lining, bastion and military and sacral buildings, of which dominates...


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