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On the south east coast of the island of Pag, in a gentle bay is situated the biggest and most important town on the island, the city of Pag.

Known for the production of salt trough the sea water-drainage process, the construction of the city of Pag was planned in the XV. century. The construction began in 1443. following the project of the known renaissance sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac, and was finished about 20 year later. Beside the main church of the Virgin Mary, the main church situated on the main square, the city is full of historic and cultural monuments. Carved jambs on the houses of the noble citizens, baroque balconies, stone emblems and the beautiful doorway on the house of the duke are just some of them. In the monastery of the Benedict sisters are guarded the sacral relics and paintings, and the sisters also treasure the tradition in making baskotine-a traditional aromatized toasted bread. The city...


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