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On the Kaminsko-Savinjske Alps, at the north-east of Kranj, with a beautiful sight on Lubiana valley and on the peaks of Julian and Kaminjsko-Savinjske Alps, it’s situated Krvavec, one of the very best ski-resorts in Slovenia. This title is confirmed by the fact that precisely Krvavec is the winner of the Crystal Snowflake for the best ski-resort in Slovenia.
Krvavec ski-resort is located on a range of 1450-1970 m of highness and it’s ski paths spreads over the alpinian pastures, which beneficiate the thing that for quality skiing is not necessary to have a huge amount of snow. The ski-resort is open from November till the middle of April, sometimes even longer, which guaranties a total of 100 days of skiing season, and with good weather conditions comes to 150 days of ski season. If the nautre fails to fill the ski resort with natural snow there are cannons for artifical snow to correct this lack. The ski-resort spreads on...


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