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Tar is a town located in the western part of Istria, 10km away from Porec. Being so close to Porec, it has become a well-known tourist destination and vacation spot. The town sits at the mouth of the river Mirna which flows into the sea and here tourism and fishing have especially developed. Tar is situated on a plateau overlooking the bay of Tar with its small fishing village and many seafood restaurants.
Near Tar is the Lanterna peninsula where a modern tourist complex was built which includes accommodations such as apartments, hotels, rooms and campsite. Visitors can also take part in some sports and recreation such as tennis, table tennis, minigolf, beach volleyball, horseback riding, surfing, sailing and scuba diving.
Tar is made up of three small towns: Tar, Frata and Vabriga. In the past, these three small towns used to be three separate parishes which had their own churches and church towers: the churches of St. Martin, St...


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